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Letter from AUB Staff against Hate speech and bigotry on AUB campus

LGBT bloggers, organizations and individuals are asked to share this letter, the signatories want ” AUB’s LGBTQ students know that there are many faculty and staff at AUB who are their allies and support them in their expression and would fight to ensure a safe and secure space for them to grow.”

(the letter below is to be re-blogged and shared):

To: AUB Faculty and Staff


Subject: Hate speech and bigotry on AUB campus


This letter is in response to the homophobic article published in Outlook titled “Please me at any price” (Issue #21, Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012,


As members of the AUB community, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of integrity and ethics and should ensure our students do the same. The article in Outlook goes against basic human values in general and those of AUB in particular.


A respectful, fact-based discussion of issues is not only necessary for the development of any society but is core to AUB’s mission statement of seeking to “foster tolerance and respect for diversity and dialogue. Graduates will be individuals committed to creative and critical thinking, life-long learning, personal integrity, civic responsibility, and leadership.”


Bigotry and hate speech should not be given a platform to thrive. Such speech should be denounced swiftly, publicly, and unequivocally.


AUB is not immune from society’s discriminatory and prejudiced opinions, but it is our duty as faculty and staff to create a safe space for all our students to express themselves while encouraging and developing a critical, informed, and compassionate student body.


The right to exercise free speech and expression should not come at the expense of targeting any group, including but not limited to: gender, color, religious belief, or sexual orientation. This freedom should not inflict nor incite harm; and it should maintain the respect for and the rights of others.


We are AUB faculty and staff who want to express our rejection of any intolerant and hateful speech while maintaining our commitment to the right of everyone to freedom of expression, and underscoring the important responsibility that comes along with this freedom.




–       Haitham Khoury, Assistant Professor, OSB

–       Lina Daouk-Oyry, Assistant Professor, OSB

–       Ramzi Mabsout, Assistant Professor, Economics/FAS

–       Rola Yasmine, Research Assistant, FHS

–       Charlotte Karam, Assistant Professor, OSB

–       Nidal Najjar, Assistant Professor, Psychology/FAS

–       Carole Levesque, Assistant Professor, Architecture/FEA

–       Bana Bashour, Assistant Professor, Philosophy/FAS

–       Victor Araman, Assistant Professor, OSB

–       Hala Ghattas, Assistant Professor, Community Nutrition/FAFS

–       Pia Zaynoun, Psychometrician, AUBMC

–       Talal Nezameddin, Dean of Student Affairs

–       Raymond Brassier, Chair, Philosophy/FAS

–       Hans Muller, Associate Professor, Philosophy/FAS

–       Nadiya Slobodenyuk, Assistant Professor, Psychology/FAS

–       Lina Choueiri, Assistant Professor, English/FAS

–       Thomas Kim, Chair, Fine Arts and Art History/FAS

–       Syrine Hout, Associate Professor, English/FAS

–       Johnpedro Schwartz, Assistant Professor, English/FAS

–       Michael James Dennison, Assistant Professor, English/FAS

–       Kasper Kovitz, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts and Art History/FAS

–       Robert Myers, Professor, English/FAS

–       Alexander Hartwiger, Assistant Professor, English/FAS

–       Karim Barakat, Instructor, Philosophy/FAS

–       Rima Akkary Karami, Assistant Professor, Education/FAS

–       Kristen Scheid, Assistant Professor, Anthropology/FAS

–       Sawsan Abdulrahim, Assistant Professor, FHS

–       Bashshar Haydar, Professor, Philosophy/FAS

–       Christopher Johns, Assistant Professor, Philosophy/FAS

–       Mayssun Succarie, Visiting Professor, CAMES/FAS

–       Tariq Mehmood Ali, Visiting Assistant Professor, English/FAS

–       Sari Hanafi, Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, and Mass Communications/FAS

–       Rima Afifi, Professor, Health Promotion and Community Health/FHS

–       Faysal El Kak, Senior Lecturer, FHS

–       Susann Kassem, Program Coordinator, Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs

–       Nate George, Instructor, English/FAS

–       Livia Wick, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, and Media Studies/FAS

–       Samer Jabbour, Senior Lecturer, Public Health/FHS

–       Ruba Ismail-Hamadeh, Instructor & Program Administrator, Center for Research on Populaation and Health, FHS

–       Nisreen Salti, Assistant Professor, Economics/FHS

–       Rima Nakkash, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Community Health/FHS

–       Omar Al-Dewachi, Assistant Professor, Public Health/FHS

–       Mayada Kanj, Coordinator, Health Promotion and Community Health/FHS

–       Ghalya Saadawi, Instructor, Psychology/FAS







  1. Reblogged this on Ritachemaly's Blog.

  2. Kudos to all AUB staff and Faculty who took a stand against hate speech and bigotry!

  3. It is sad to see no professor in Engineering signing this. There’s only 1 in architecture. I’m a recent graduate and from my experience, FEA has a whole lot of homophobia.

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