Posted by: G-AZZI | November 12, 2011

Aljaras again …

Once again, Al Jaras has graced us with its amazing journalistic skills to enlighten us with yet another indescribable ingenious scoop of an article that shed light on matters we never would have imagined possible.
Apparently, one of Nidal al Ahmadiyeh’s cronies went to one of Beirut’s Halloween parties. “People were dressed as vampires, you could see blood everywhere, gay men were cross-dressing,” reported the poor, traumatised ‘journalist.’
Dear Al Jaras,
Congratulations! You have just discovered what a Halloween party is!!
Honestly, you did not have to waste two precious pages over that; everyone (except you, obviously) knows that this is what a Halloween party is all about.My dear journalist wannabes of Al Jaras, I will repeat what I mentioned in a previous article:

1) This is not an exclusive scoop anymore. People do party in Beirut, regardless of their sexual orientation. Cross-dressing on Halloween is not something weird, it is entertaining for straight males as well, and does not pinpoint sexual orientation in any way. Beirut is known for its party scene. Your articles are news for you and you alone.

2) Your articles do not scare us. If anything, we are all laughing about how much more morbidly lame you are getting by the issue. To be fair, I have to thank you for the entertainment, actually.

3) You do not need to go to dark underground places to find us and expose our “rituals.” We are everywhere and within every society.

For everyone else who enjoys a sense of awareness and does not need a reality check, check out the pictures of the article distributed on Facebook below:



  1. Hahahaha I love the ambience they are trying to create with the design of the article.

  2. mesh sheyef ahbal men hek :/

  3. They are such clueless people. Really.

  4. hahaha i opened this link praying it would be sarcastic…thank u for pointing out their idiocy 😀

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