Posted by: G-AZZI | June 10, 2011

Gay Girl in Damascus: Fake?

This has been one of the top stories of the week.

An alleged Syrian-American 34 year old lesbian with a great blog that has gained so much attention globally has disappeared after supposedly being abducted on the way to a meeting in Damascus.

Her cousin, who (suspiciously?) has access to her blog, posted the following information soon after her abduction: “Earlier today, at approximately 6:00 pm Damascus time, Amina was walking in the area of the Abbasid bus station, near Fares al Khouri Street. […]. However, while her companion was still close by, Amina was seized by three men in their early 20’s.”

Amina Abdallah is probably fake: Fake picture, fake name, nobody that we or the media knows has actually met her, we have not heard any demands from her family asking for her release and the insurance of her safety, and the US embassy does not have any information of her in their records.

But amidst all the chaos and doubts, what has been more interesting to me is the way some people have reacted to her kidnapping – even before the news about “Amina” being a possible hoax.
A comment on her blog read as follows: “Thank the Lord that I’m not one of those who يتبعون زخرف القول
so doesn’t matter how “smart” u r, I’m not going to be impressed by your smartness once u display an act or words that are potentially supporting what is haram. Why would u make your sexual orientation to seem like the most appealing/unique character about yourself?

U are free to be gay, but since u claim that you are a Muslim, u should know that u r spreading temptation by declaring that ur lesbian and making a big deal out of it…”

Another person commented on the Now Lebanon article about Amina’s kidnapping: “Being gay doesn’t make you hero, in fact its people like her that is making being gay so acceptable that soon we will all consider it as normal! It’s okay to be gay as long as it’s in private and that they don’t encourage other people! This post should be removed or i will report it to the authorities”

A woman was kidnapped, possibly raped and even killed, and some had the guts to express their concern about her “promoting homosexuality?” How sick some homophobic people can be!
Amina may very possibly be fake, but she was not the only revolutionary gay girl in Damascus. There are many of them, and I know that for a fact. They are there, and they are actively participating in the revolution, trying to make a change, in the same way that many LGBT people did during the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

There was no difference between LGBT people and others, everyone took to the streets together, citizens of one country, standing side by side, facing the same police brutality, physical harassment etc…. and, finally, celebrating all together the fall of the dictators.
Are these people any less of heroes? Don’t they deserve the same appreciation and the same support any other revolutionary deserves?
Damascus Gay Girl exists. She might not exist as “Amina Arraf,” and may not have dual nationalities, but there are many of her, all working to somehow make a positive change in their community.


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