Posted by: G-AZZI | November 3, 2010

“Tahkik”on MTV

Homosexuality is no doubt the flavor of the month in the Lebanese media: three TV programs in one month and at least five articles in the written media.

We can’t complain, two of the three programs on TV were made with good intentions: “Ta7ta ta2ilat al mas2oulya” on new TV, and “ta7kik”on MTV (Murr television , not Music Television); but Lebanese TV seems that it can’t do anything without falling into the trap of stereotyping and clichés.

Watching the show tonight on MTV, I felt like being on a rollercoaster, every interesting message or scene was followed by a meaningless and useless one!

I will go through the good and bad moments of the show, starting with the bad and frustrating ones:

1- Two jealous lesbians fighting in front of a club, “why did you follow her? do you still want her back ?” said one to the other… Seriously? Did they get excited when they saw this scene the same way I got excited when I saw 2 monkeys feeding each other in the forests of Sri Lanka? They seriously thought, “oh my god this is worth putting on TV”?!

2- Another “Planet Earth” worth scene: Gay people living in the same house, exactly like heterosexual couples. Five minutes showing us how one cooks for the other, washes his clothes and waits for him at home to watch TV together…. Yes! We, homosexual species, live exactly like humans…

3- Why the hell was a urologist talking about psychology? You know “a man’s brain is in his penis” is just an expression!!!

4- The cruising area scene was just stupid and meaningless !

5- Again, and once and for all, there is not man and woman in a homosexual relationship.

“There is always a weak person and a strong person in a relationship, the weak one plays the woman and the strong one the man” said the famous urologist.

I highly recommend this urologist to go to nassawiya, they will show him how weak women can be!

The good moments:

1- The part covering the legal situation in the Arab world was well done.

2- No interviews with religious leaders, which is an amazing thing.

3- No interviews with psychologists claiming they can cure homosexuality.

4- The best part was in the conclusion where the presenter clearly called for decriminalization of homosexuality.

If the intention of the show was to call for more tolerance, they should have had more coverage of the impact of article 534 on the LGBT community. They could have reported on police practices and abuse, daily discrimination we face in our work places and on the street. Blackmailing and the lack of protection would have been a good topic. But obviously Man Jam and cruising areas were more relevant to MTV.



  1. Thank you for an informative review. We will share on Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor, and Twitter.

  2. Another positive point: the coverage of Trans-sexuality was for once decently and ‘correctly’ covered. Randa’s comments were nice and constructive.

    • i agree !

  3. […] first response from the Lebanese blogosphere came from activist Georges Azzi. In his “Tahkik” on MTV he wrote: “Watching the show tonight on MTV, I felt like being on a rollercoaster, […]

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