Posted by: G-AZZI | November 2, 2010


Ok! this is officially my first blog, the first time I ever publish something personal. My opinions and experience were mostly expressed in my interviews to the media, different panels i had to speak in or in my small facebook statuses.

there are many reasons why i did not blog before and many reasons why i decided to blog now, i am not even sure how consistent my blogging will be , but it is worth giving it a try.

the reasons why i did not blog before :

1-  I did not have time

2- I don’t like to talk about myself and much less in public

3 – i don’t think i have the writting skills that other bloggers have

4- I really don’t know where to start

why i decided to blog now ?

1- I love reading other blogs and i believe that finally bloggers have the power to compete with other big media especially in the middle east  and i wanted to be part of this community

2- Facebook statuses and profile offer very limited space for me to express myself and share it with my friends especially with all those new applications filling their news feed and me posting something about ..let’s say police brutality in Beirut won’t be able to compete for more space  with  ” Tony played dogville and his dog is now red ” ” sana got a message from god asking her to leave the house immidiatly ” followed by ” sana is leaving the house because god asked me so”

3- Some people advised me  to start a blog , apparently they think that my experience in gay activism and personal experience could be worth sharing.

anyhow, i decided to give it a shot , my first articles probably won’t be pertinent or connected  chronologicly , i will be writting about things from the past , the present , then back to the past … i will be writting about myself , my house or the political situation in Lebanon. I am not sure yet, i will write whatever comes to my mind or this might actually be the only and last article 🙂


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